Which Horrible Histories character are you?

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  • Comment number 106. Posted by U17283929

    16 Mar 2019 8:25
    willaim shakespire!
  • Comment number 105. Posted by U17262251

    7 Mar 2019 19:27
    Queen Elizabeth I

    You are strong and independent, yet popular with people. You have a passion for music and the arts.
    You may also be a bit of a linguistic.

    Please like if you got the same!

    Nature lover
  • Comment number 104. Posted by gingerninja

    3 Mar 2019 13:09
    I'm William Shakespeare!!! :)
  • Comment number 103. Posted by U17452004

    3 Mar 2019 9:39
    You are the peacekeeper among your friends and family. You are known to be intelligent and like learning languages. You enjoy making bold choices in your appearance.

    Rat Fact: Eye make up like Cleopatra’s was worn by people all across Egypt, whether you were a man, woman, servant or queen. Fancy that!
  • Comment number 102. Posted by U17510941

    2 Mar 2019 19:43
    I got Alexei Leonov. Probably because I said I wanted to space walk to school!
  • Comment number 101. Posted by U17471126

    2 Mar 2019 19:36
    I am Shakespeare!
  • Comment number 100. Posted by TurquoiseDolphin

    23 Feb 2019 13:26
    elizabeth 1st
  • Comment number 99. Posted by U17514348

    22 Feb 2019 18:16
    I got William Shakespeare. #Shakespeare4life
  • Comment number 98. Posted by U17465087

    22 Feb 2019 9:33
    Elizabeth I and Boudicca
  • Comment number 97. Posted by U17523054

    19 Feb 2019 10:28
    like if U R Cleopaatra
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