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  • Comment number 247. Posted by U16918548

    30 Jan 2018 19:31
    You're watching a really funny show on TV when suddenly someone changes the channel to watch a boring show about rare diamonds. You look to your left and see that a Unicorn has stolen your remote control - WHAT?!
    You find a talking pizza slice at the bottom of your bed and it offers you a choice: a lifetime supply of presents, or a lifetime of true happiness. Over to you...
  • Comment number 246. Posted by BluegreenGrinningOwl

    25 Jan 2018 17:05
    You find a magical diamond lying in some grass outside your house one evening. The magical diamond makes you fall in love with the first thing you see, which is...the beautiful moon!

    You discover the recipe for the perfect pizza in the back of your kitchen cupboard. You decide to open your own pizza restaurant and before you know it, you're a millionaire!

    Bluey X💙X
  • Comment number 245. Posted by PurpleArtyPolarbear

    11 Jan 2018 16:15
    You’re watching a really funny movie on tv until someone changes the channel to a really boring show on rare diamonds. You look and find a unicorn has stolen the remote. WHAT?!?!?!
    Best dream ever
  • Comment number 244. Posted by No1BluePeterFan

    10 Jan 2018 8:30
  • Comment number 243. Posted by Saphireshiningsquirrel

    6 Jan 2018 10:15
    I step in a puddle and find a diamond with magical powers. It offers me a choice: i can have either eternal love or eternal happiness...
  • Comment number 242. Posted by CardScril1234

    1 Jan 2018 15:39
    I discover a magical unicorn hiding behind my sofa, I befriend it and it offers to fly me off to a desert island for a quick break...
  • Comment number 241. Posted by eeyore001

    31 Dec 2017 8:27
    i find a magical dimond and we go on a boat with my family and friends
  • Comment number 240. Posted by SAVANAH CATS ARE GREAT

    29 Dec 2017 17:48
    This is sooo cool

    from 🐺🦊FOXIE🦊🐺
    A big Fox Cat Hamster and Arctic Fox Fan
  • Comment number 239. Posted by Hermione Granger

    29 Dec 2017 13:57
    You find a magical diamond which offers you a choice : a lifetime of money or a lifetime of happiness...over to you!
  • Comment number 238. Posted by U16865307

    22 Dec 2017 12:45
    For your birthday, your friend buys you an exclusive trip to the moon! When you get there, you discover that the moon is made from pizza - what?!
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