Shelley's Shenanigans: Desert

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This week's shenanigans were inspired by:




Nice thinking you guys!

How to play:

Each week Shelley hides a secret code in her riddles, you will get one part of the code for every question you get right.

Once you have the answer, post it in the comment section below. If you are the first to solve Shelley's Shenanigans, you will get a special shout-out from Shelley.

Don't forget to post your answer in the comments below!

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  • Comment number 67. Posted by U17345594

    7 Dec 2018 15:35
    Not all deserts are hot; in fact at night in a desert, it can get pretty chilly!
  • Comment number 66. Posted by snuffley

    6 Dec 2018 16:24
    Don't Forget to bring your suncream
  • Comment number 65. Posted by U17270733

    13 Nov 2018 18:51
    Don't forget to bring your sunscreen?
    I never thought the artic was a desert, because it is freezing ?
  • Comment number 64. Posted by Yellow Meerkat Running

    9 Nov 2018 19:00
    Don't forget to bring your sunscreen!
  • Comment number 63. Posted by PinappleSnake123

    30 Oct 2018 11:17
    don't forget to bring your sunscreen
  • Comment number 62. Posted by DareDevilGirl

    27 Oct 2018 11:23
    dont forget to bring your sunscream
  • Comment number 61. Posted by Snowy white Reindeer Lover

    26 Oct 2018 10:28
    Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!
    I didn’t know that the Arctic was classed as a desert!
  • Comment number 60. Posted by U17213918

    25 Oct 2018 20:53
    don`t forget to bring your sunscreen.
  • Comment number 59. Posted by U17225750

    25 Oct 2018 18:13
    I ❤️BP
  • Comment number 58. Posted by CandycaneChocolatePops

    25 Oct 2018 9:49
    This is my emoji for my ~HH:
    Well done If you found it on BPFC!!
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