Quiz: Which skunk are you?

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  • Comment number 105. Posted by U17270232

    25 Nov 2018 19:02
    Ha I got striped skunk and so did mum!!
  • Comment number 104. Posted by smileytapdancer

    21 Oct 2018 14:31
    hooded skunk
  • Comment number 103. Posted by U17209085

    16 Oct 2018 20:36
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  • Comment number 102. Posted by U17135790

    14 Oct 2018 10:43
    Hooded skunk. Skunks r actually rlly cute :)
  • Comment number 101. Posted by TheBravestGryffindorShowman

    14 Oct 2018 10:17
    Striped skunk!
    This skunk loves exploring and finding different habitats to live in, especially lush forests and meadows but surprisingly these furry animals are also happy to make their home in people's back gardens.

  • Comment number 100. Posted by fundraisingpanda-MB

    13 Oct 2018 10:31
    I'm a hooded scunk that just sounds weird
  • Comment number 99. Posted by sparkly unicorn 123

    7 Oct 2018 13:36
    i got a hooded skunk quite good i thought i would get a smelly skunk like if you got the same
  • Comment number 98. Posted by sparkly unicorn 123

    7 Oct 2018 13:33
    i'm about to do this quiz and i'm scared i will tell you what i got after i have done it
  • Comment number 97. Posted by turquoiseshimmerydragon

    4 Oct 2018 19:11
    Hooded skunk! Like if you got the same
  • Comment number 96. Posted by aj purple sweeties

    20 Sep 2018 18:26
    Im a striped skunk
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