Quiz: Which Blue Peter presenter are you?

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  • Comment number 794. Posted by MadisonGirl320

    2 Dec 2018 14:48
  • Comment number 793. Posted by StarBaker

    27 Nov 2018 19:55
  • Comment number 792. Posted by pineapple_weirdo

    24 Nov 2018 8:48
    Radzi yay😊
  • Comment number 791. Posted by Bluemermaid

    18 Nov 2018 9:34
    Lindsey!!!!! yes shes my fave presenter
    like if you got the same

  • Comment number 790. Posted by U17244674

    2 Nov 2018 9:20
    @huffle puff pleas can u be my friend i am a huge fan of Harry potter

    💝👑👓sappy cf👓👑💝
  • Comment number 789. Posted by U17244674

    2 Nov 2018 9:16
    Leave a like if u got Lindsey in the blue Peter presenter quiz

    💝👑👓Sapphy cf👓👑💝
  • Comment number 788. Posted by U17107179

    31 Oct 2018 8:59
    I'm like Radzi wooohoooo!!!!! 😂😂😂😱😱😱😎😄😃
  • Comment number 787. Posted by harrypotterhufflepuff

    26 Oct 2018 16:45
    You're more like Lindsey Russell!
    You're a music lover who can't get enough cheese in your life, but you're not so keen on swimming with sharks and whales!

    🐼🐨Hufflepuff 🐼🐨
  • Comment number 786. Posted by Snowy white Reindeer Lover

    25 Oct 2018 10:50
    I know this is random, but does anybody know how to pronounce Radzi’s last name? I want to tell my mum but I don’t know how to say his last name.

  • Comment number 785. Posted by Snowy white Reindeer Lover

    24 Oct 2018 11:27
    I’m Radzi!

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