Quiz: Which deep sea creature are you?

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  • Comment number 161. Posted by BPfan2018

    8 Nov 2018 19:44
    Dancer, I'll be friends with you. But only if you like blue peter.
  • Comment number 160. Posted by U17211482

    6 Nov 2018 19:25
    Why I got....a giant spider 🦀 NOOOOOO😞
  • Comment number 159. Posted by U17214092

    27 Oct 2018 10:41
    I got a blue ringed octopus 😎🤩😀🤑🤑
  • Comment number 158. Posted by Snowy white Reindeer Lover

    24 Oct 2018 11:25
    Hi guys! If you don’t know I’m Dancer. You might have seen my comments before ( I am now addicted to them ) and I’m new to comments anyway so PLZ can I be friends with someone? By the way, if you haven’t seen my comment below I’m an angler fish!


    Ps: Plz reply to this friend question on the Blue Peter’s weirdest moments page!
  • Comment number 157. Posted by Snowy white Reindeer Lover

    24 Oct 2018 11:13
    Eep! I’m a creepy angler fish! Every time I see them in films I either (if I’m in bed) squeal and hide under the covers or (if I’m with somebody other than my friends) I squeak and hug them really tight so I’m not overly excited!

  • Comment number 156. Posted by red glowing worm

    22 Oct 2018 14:46
    I'm an angler fish!
  • Comment number 155. Posted by Rosealina

    21 Oct 2018 14:08
    Blue ring octopus
  • Comment number 154. Posted by PinkAppleSquidWizard

    19 Oct 2018 11:15
    I'm the Blue Ringed Octopus!!!

  • Comment number 153. Posted by cloud9

    9 Oct 2018 10:45
    You're a blue-ringed octopus!

    This deep sea creature might be tiny but it certainly won't be pushed around. The blue-ringed octopus is actually one of the most venomous creatures in the ocean!

  • Comment number 152. Posted by U17177262

    30 Sep 2018 12:09
    Giant 🕷🦀

    Soooooo big
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