Quiz: Pickle...or not?

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  • Comment number 72. Posted by jetsweetgiraffe

    27 May 2018 18:40
    5/5 Go you! You're a real pickle expert. here's a bundle of kittens to say well done!
    I didn't even know some of these pickles existed!

  • Comment number 71. Posted by Super potato guy

    12 Apr 2018 12:05
    There is really weird pickles in the world, I didn't know there was so many unusual ones!
  • Comment number 70. Posted by Super potato guy

    12 Apr 2018 12:00
    First time 4/5 second time 5/5!
  • Comment number 69. Posted by horsegirlunicorn6000

    8 Apr 2018 15:15
    5/5 i do not like pickles
  • Comment number 68. Posted by RunningGirl

    4 Apr 2018 13:02
    Well done everyone ho have not made all of them correct 💛 just being kind even no I have done three in a run go Martha Emy May running girl
  • Comment number 67. Posted by RunningGirl

    4 Apr 2018 12:52
    U16892324 do not worry what wad you think if my brother beat me in a running race so that means you gave it a go you just not shore about pickles good try 💚💜
  • Comment number 66. Posted by RunningGirl

    4 Apr 2018 12:45
    4/5 then tried again and I have now got 5/5 I play it with my Nanny, grandad,mummy, daddy ,aunties,uncles,friends and families to many times😊
  • Comment number 65. Posted by FunnySmileyPineapple

    1 Mar 2018 16:03
    2/5 I just guessed!
  • Comment number 64. Posted by cheeky_monkey_banana_pants

    1 Mar 2018 15:14
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 63. Posted by cuteunicornface

    24 Feb 2018 17:48
    Good job everyone! No matter what score you got! Even if you didn't get any right! Good job!
    :-) :-)
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