After several days of thinking, I’ve narrowed it down to three wishes. 1. I wish for the ability to remember EVERYTHING. 2. I wish to pass every exam I ever took, ever. 3. After having an exciting dream about Peru last night, I wish that I’d be allowed to keep a pet llama in my room.

I've finally decided on my one wish!

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  • Comment number 97. Posted by U17361231

    19 Jan 2019 14:12
    I hope you win and you help Beatrice because your Best Friends and you need each other!!
  • Comment number 96. Posted by rainbowreindeer56

    19 Jan 2019 13:54
    Hi have not been on for to long but can already see you are all nicexxxxxx
  • Comment number 95. Posted by U17451870

    14 Jan 2019 17:04
    Hi everyone I’m new here I know I may have sent a few comments but I’ve only been logged in since about Saturday. :)
  • Comment number 94. Posted by SnowyArcticFox

    14 Jan 2019 8:46
    I wonder.. where is Mildreds dad
  • Comment number 93. Posted by U17452486

    13 Jan 2019 19:19
    I wish we had such thing as Zapchat!
  • Comment number 92. Posted by U17055282

    13 Jan 2019 15:47
    i wish she should meet her dad and will all be happy
  • Comment number 91. Posted by Unicorn123

    13 Jan 2019 15:27
    Good day Clarice!
  • Comment number 90. Posted by Unicorn123

    13 Jan 2019 15:27
    Please speak louder
  • Comment number 89. Posted by Unicorn123

    13 Jan 2019 15:27
    It's cool you gave your wish to beatrice! But I don't know what her wish was..
  • Comment number 88. Posted by Unicorn123

    13 Jan 2019 15:23
    Well met, Clarice!
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