ZAPCHAT: In The Pink

Just realised my glasses are rose-tinted. I looked it up and it means that you see everything in a positive light. They make life seem perfect. I dropped them in my cauldron in potions class, they must have been magicked then? I really love life with the glasses on.... perhaps I’ll just never take them off?

Bea told me I need to get back to real life and sort my glasses out. Sybil was upset after we got our potions test results but I couldn’t see it because I was wearing the glasses - they don’t let me see any bad stuff. Goodbye happiness, goodbye joy.

Normal life is not so bad. At least I get to see my friends as they really are.

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  • Comment number 64. Posted by U17584524

    19 Mar 2019 19:05
    Wow that is so cool. I hope you learn more about magic! But you need to tell Ethel to be a bit kinder and not so mean. I hope you don't catch this lol! Always trust your first instinct and please don't let anything bring you down. Please can you do the "Top 3" because that would be amazing since I want to know more about you. Now never let anything bring you down only up and please try to convince Ethel to be nice! If it doesn't work just you stay smart and kind!
  • Comment number 63. Posted by U17412648

    17 Mar 2019 18:20
  • Comment number 62. Posted by GlitterUnicorn11

    17 Mar 2019 18:00
    You are in ZapChat. You successfully rescued everyone from the monster.
    Go back to the BPFC and type
  • Comment number 61. Posted by U17529644

    17 Mar 2019 16:42
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  • Comment number 60. Posted by U17345525

    17 Mar 2019 14:57
    I love it !!!!
  • Comment number 59. Posted by U17542518

    16 Mar 2019 16:25
    well met clarice when will we see millies mum again
  • Comment number 58. Posted by U17304009

    16 Mar 2019 12:30
  • Comment number 57. Posted by U17471126

    16 Mar 2019 11:34
    When will Miss Bat and Mr Rowan Webb have their wedding? 🌟💌❤️🌹🌷🥀🐉
  • Comment number 56. Posted by Tabby Cat

    15 Mar 2019 19:25
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  • Comment number 55. Posted by whitefluffyarcticfox

    15 Mar 2019 18:32
    Thanks For replying Clarice!
    That’s funny! 😂
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