ZAPCHAT: My Maglet Meltdown

Got to class this morning and my Maglet had lost my homework. Miss Hardbroom didn’t believe I’d ever done it - even though I’ve NEVER not done my homework -she’s taken away my mirror booth tokens. Also, my broomstick threw me off today, and that never happens. I’m constantly sprucing it up and making sure it’s the best maintained broomstick in school. I’ve no idea what’s going on but I bet Mildred Hubble’s behind all this.

My broomstick just completely fell apart!

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  • Comment number 79. Posted by U17520551

    14 Feb 2019 18:37
  • Comment number 78. Posted by U17494749

    12 Feb 2019 17:02
  • Comment number 77. Posted by TurquoiseMarshmallowLemurPops

    12 Feb 2019 16:44

    You found me!!

    BPFC is

    CLUE 2.
    Hugh Jackman is coming!!!
  • Comment number 76. Posted by littleplumpanda4545

    10 Feb 2019 13:33
    I like pineapple
  • Comment number 75. Posted by moon walker 782

    10 Feb 2019 12:27
    Well boring example but yeah you get the picture.

    Impersonating Ethel good eh.
  • Comment number 74. Posted by U17399693

    10 Feb 2019 9:41
    to be honest we all have our bully's like harry potter had draco annoy him at school
  • Comment number 73. Posted by U17478405

    9 Feb 2019 18:48
    I keeping losing my cardigan then freezing at school!
  • Comment number 72. Posted by TurquoiseMarshmallowLemurPops

    9 Feb 2019 16:35
    This comment was removed because it broke the rules. Explain
  • Comment number 71. Posted by U17511295

    9 Feb 2019 14:53
    weird but I like it!
  • Comment number 70. Posted by whitefluffyarcticfox

    9 Feb 2019 12:17
    Thanks for replying!
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