ZAPCHAT: Don't Tell Ethel!

I tried to change the toad back into the cat and got... A BUG!! Guess I need to start learning the Undo Spell...

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  • Comment number 83. Posted by applehorse

    21 Feb 2019 19:45
    Well met beartrice ,
    It's good that you confessed although your scared
  • Comment number 82. Posted by U17533749

    21 Feb 2019 14:58
    Well Met Beatrice,
    Once I actually pretended I was sick just to stay home from school.
    I ended up confessing to my parents.
    They let me off but they said if I ever did anything like that again I would be punished.
  • Comment number 81. Posted by HermioneHoneyLemon

    20 Feb 2019 17:41
    Well Met Beatrice,
    Once I (Nearly) Flooded the schools bathroom by shoving toilet paper in the sink First I confessed to my Dad and he told my headteacher who told me to tell the whole school in assembly. I was so embarrassed and upset but I realized that after confessing I felt so much better!
  • Comment number 80. Posted by Pizza Potter Pup

    18 Feb 2019 17:00
    Wel Met, I have'nt but many people have. It's the right thing to do so relax about it. She can't be too mad. Being honest is the best thing to do.

    🐾🍕 Pizza🍕 🐾
    ✨ Harry Potter Fan✨
  • Comment number 79. Posted by U17527644

    18 Feb 2019 14:13
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  • Comment number 78. Posted by bunnycrazy123

    18 Feb 2019 12:15
    Well met Beatrice, Ethel is only evil on the outside I’m sure if you get to know her she’s not that bad
  • Comment number 77. Posted by U17527782

    18 Feb 2019 11:07
    I am so surprised that ethal didn't tell miss cackle that you touched her things you are lucky she wasn't in one of her bad moods.
  • Comment number 76. Posted by U17410076

    17 Feb 2019 17:44
    Well met Beatrice I feel sorry for you at least Ethel didn't turn you into a toad.
  • Comment number 75. Posted by U17471299

    17 Feb 2019 16:22
  • Comment number 74. Posted by U17471299

    17 Feb 2019 16:21
    Oh no Bea😑🤨
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