What's in store for the Wolfbloods?

Katrina says goodbye to Robyn

There were a lot of goodbyes in this episode, but none of them were as sad as this moment. Will Katrina ever be able to forgive Robyn and look past the choice she made?

Amara is captured

It seems like the last chance for the pack to escape is scuppered when the Humans capture Amara. Will Selina, Amara and Robyn be able to escape before their Wolf is taken away?

TJ versus Madoc

The last person we expected to challenge Madoc to Brwydr was TJ. When he steps up to put Madoc back in his place we couldn't help but cheer!

Jana's coming for Hartington

Just when all hope seems lost for the Wild Pack, Jana steps (or... digs?) in and takes charge. She's figured out Hartington's plan and now she's coming back for him. Will she make it back in time to rescue the others and stop Hartington before it's too late?

Project Genesis

Finally - what on earth is this Project Genesis all about? They've been teasing us with this all series and we have no idea what it means! Maybe this will be the key to saving the Wolfbloods? Or maybe it's a bigger part of Hartington's plans? Does anyone have any guesses as to what it could be?

What will happen in the Wolfblood finale?

Comment below with what you think will happen in the series finale next Monday at 17:00 on CBBC. We can't wait!

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