Weird world records: choose your favourite

Record one: Mattress dominoes

Helen Skelton never backed down from a challenge, but she was definitely caught lying down on the job back in 2009 when she helped break the world record for the most mattresses in a domino chain.

Helen was helped by fellow BP Presenter Andy Akinwolere and 98 other people as the record tumbled!

Record two: Most people in a car

If you think that the back seat on the school bus can be a bit of a squeeze, then check out this amazing record. Back in 1970 Blue Peter legend John Noakes helped squish 103 people into a very, very small car!

It was the second-ever world record to be broken live on Blue Peter, but will you choose it as your favourite?

Record three: Drinking raw eggs

This man came on Blue Peter in 1967 to try and break his own record for drinking the most raw eggs - gross! In this retro clip, Mr Hales manages to drink an impressive 27 eggs!

Definitely don't try this one at home - we suggest using your eggs to cook a nice omelette instead!!!

Record four: Whoopee cushions

Blue Peter presenter number 37 Radzi is no stranger to breaking world records. In his five years on the show, Radzi broke some incredibly random records; including being the fastest person to dress up as Santa and having the most drinking straws placed in his hair, but this record trumped them all...literally.

Radzi had to sit on a whopping 81 whoopee cushions in one minute to break the record, but could he do it? Of course he could!

Record five: Window cleaning

This guy is the Usain Bolt of window cleaning!! BP presenter Simon Thomas watched on with amazement as window cleaner Terry smashed his own world record for cleaning three panes of glass in a super speedy 15.59 seconds!

We wish we had him around to help with more chores in the BP studio!

Record six: Overhead presses of a person

Strongman Iron Biby made light work of it when he broke the world record for most overhead presses of a person on last year's record show.

Iron Biby made it look easy as he lifted Lindsey above his head an impressive 69 times in one minute, next time we need a hand with some heavy shopping bags we know who to call....Biby!!

It's over to you...

Now it's your turn to pick your favourite record, but what will it be?

And don't forget, you can watch this year's world record show on CBBC iPlayer!

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