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Game over!

Mum and Dad are always trying to get us to put down our video games, but Dad's the worst of the lot! So this time, we're taking things into our own hands.

While Dad's in time out, I'm taking on the challenge of making an edible game - top points if you can you guess what it is! Check out my recipe.

I'd love to see yours! Have a go and send me a picture.

Chef of the Week

You lot have been sending in some amazing pictures for me to look at! Willow had a go at my coconut mice biscuits and they're so good!

Embarrassing dad alert

Dad's not taking his time out well, and now he's come to annoy me in the kitchen! Maybe I should have left him with the games after all...

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To find out more about what we're up to this week, check out the whole episode on iPlayer.

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