The Next Step S7 Mini Preview Episodes

Amy's back and Amy's backbone

Don't try this at home.

Is Michelle leaving The Next Step?

Emily wants to buy The Next Step studio but Michelle wants to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Cue Emily leaving WITH the pink pen she got for Michelle to sign the contract...

Hummer's third wheel

Amy makes it clear she is happy for Hummer as a couple and she has no feelings for Henry. Summer is still worried though, especially if she doesn't get her turn to play the latest game, 'Sniffy Tea'!

Shakes and Ladders becomes The Next Steep

Shakes and Ladders is no more! It's all about tea and scones. And Cool Down fans will notice in the background that Smoothie Steve is back! He shall now be known as CUPPA S-TEA-VE.

"Girl Ozzy"

Ozzy's sister Izzy = FIRE. Will she join The Next Step?

Chandelier Guy

He's called Nick but who is he?! And how did that chandelier get so dusty? And is he qualified to dust that chandelier? CHANDELIER!

Miss Angela hides behind a mug and sunglasses

How did Amy and Piper not see Miss Angela? She just had sunglasses on! Anyway, she's BACK!

Peace Lily?

And with Miss Angela back, Lily is not far behind. She asks Kingston if he wants to hang out and be friends but he's having none of it. Is Lily to be trusted?

Richelle = THE FACE

Richelle is 'the face' of Absolute Dance and says she has her eyes on a bigger prize than Nationals. What could she mean by that?

What are your highlights?

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