10 tips for surviving a new school!

1. Be confident: first impressions are important, so keep your head high and don’t slouch… If you walk with confidence people will think you are confident!

2. Smile: smiling makes you more approachable. Smile and others will smile with you!

3. Be honest: don’t exaggerate or make up cool things about yourself. It won’t be so cool when the truth comes out.

4. Talk to the person sitting next to you – saying ‘hi’ may be all it takes to start a friendship!

5. Research: find out about the school – there may be a website, or you could try talking to older pupils.

6. Get orientated: take up that offer of visiting the school before you go. Ask for a tour or a map of the school; asking for directions is a good way to get to know people too.

7. Take time getting used to the school: you’ll get to know where everything is so don’t rush!

8. Make an effort to make new friends. Be open to new friends; if your old friends are true friends, they’ll be happy for you to find new friends too.

9. Join in with something! Join a team, a club or an activity. People who share the same interests as you are likely to be your kind of people.

10. New place = new opportunity. A new school is a possible chance to start over if you need to.

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