Super simple ways to change the world

1. Start a club

If there’s an issue you really care about, you might find that other people feel the same way – why not get together and support each other?

2. Find out if you can volunteer at school

Lots of schools run volunteering groups where you can help out in your community – ask a teacher if there are any opportunities where you are.

3. Write to your MP

Everyone has an MP whose job it is to represent the people in their area – so if you would like to have your voice heard, send yours a letter on the issue you want to raise.

4. Share your skills

Is there something you’re good at, like coding or playing an instrument? You might be able to teach someone else so they can enjoy it too.

5. Do something for charity

There are loads of fun ways to fundraise! A sponsored dress-up day, a cake sale, a keepie-uppie competition – find a good cause and go for it!

6. Become a buddy

In some schools you can buddy up with younger pupils and become a mentor – that means they can benefit from your experience (and you’ll probably benefit too – bonus!)

7. Give someone a compliment

Is someone you know really funny? Do they cheer you up when you see them? Or maybe they just look fabulously stylish today… Whatever the reason, if you’ve got something nice to say about someone, tell them!

Making someone happy might not change the whole world, but it can make it a little bit better for them.

What have you done, big or small, to make a positive difference?

Share your tips and ideas below!

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