7 sports to try at high school

Team sports are a great way to make new friends and at high school there will be teams for lots of different sports. Some you might’ve played at primary school, and others will be brand new, but you can have a go at anything and everything to see which one you like the best.


Hockey is a pretty fast-paced and intense sport, which uses similar skills to football. Players use long wooden sticks to try to hit a small hard ball into a goal at the other end of the pitch. Teams are split into 11 players, with attacking and defensive positions. Players use a variety of fancy skills to keep the ball away from the other team to score a goal.

The British women’s hockey team won gold at the Rio Olympics in 2016, and inspired around 10,000 people to try out the sport.

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Rounders is usually played in the summer term, outside on the playing field. It is a great game to get everyone involved and you get a chance to bat and field in each match. On the batting team you use a wooden bat (which is a bit smaller than a baseball bat) to try and hit a ball as far as you can. Then you have to run around the posts to see if you can get all the way round without the fielding team getting the ball to one of the posts – or you’re OUT!

Although rounders is generally considered a school game, it is played at international level as well. Currently, teams from England, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Canada, Scotland and Wales compete against each other.

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Badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world, with shuttlecock speeds reaching more than 200 miles per hour! But don’t worry that was recorded in a professional badminton match. When you play at school it's a fast and exciting sport, which is lots of fun! The rackets are nice and light, so it is easier to control than a tennis racket. The aim of the game is to score points against your opponent by hitting shots they cannot return. In lessons you will be taught how to serve properly, and how to hit different shots like a ‘smash’ to win the match. You can play against another player on your own, or in a pair.

Badminton became an Olympic sport in 1992 and games can be played as singles, doubles, or mixed doubles.

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Gymnastics is great for improving your flexibility, co-ordination and balance, and as you get better you can even learn some pretty cool tricks and flips!

There are three main types of gymnastics: Artistic, Rhythmic and Acrobatic.

Artistic involves using different pieces of equipment, like a vault or bars, and doing special routines or moves on them. Rhythmic involves performing a routine to music using a ribbon or hoop. Acrobatic is the most energetic and involves performing a routine on your own or as part of a group with lots of big jumps, flips and lifts.

Each of them are lots of fun and there’s bound to be one that takes your fancy!

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Rugby is a contact sport which involves lots of skill, bravery and teamwork. The main aim of the game is to get as many points as you can in 80 minutes using a ball which is shaped a bit like a lemon. Players can score using ‘tries’, ‘penalties’ and ‘drop goals’ and one of the most important rules in rugby is that the ball can only be passed backwards between team members.

There are two different types of rugby: League and Union, both involve different rules and skills, find out more about Rugby Union or Rugby League with Get Inspired.


Athletics has something for everyone! Whether you like running, jumping or throwing things, there’s an athletics event for you!

Running, jumping and throwing all involve using different skills which test your speed and endurance. You can compete on your own, or work as a team to be the best. Athletics really helps to improve your fitness and strength and there’s so many different events to try out and choose from.

Olympic superstars like Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Mo Farah all started somewhere!

Find out more about athletics at Get Inspired.


If you’ve watched Wimbledon on the telly then you’ll know that tennis is a fun sport which involves lots of stamina and accuracy.

You can play in pairs or on your own and use a racket to hit a rubber ball over a net. You score points when the other player can’t return your shot, and this involves using certain skills.

At school you’ll learn all about how to serve, volley and keep a rally going. You never know, you might be the next Andy Murray!

Find out more about tennis at Get Inspired.

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  • Comment number 33. Posted by Backflippingbordercollie

    22 Nov 2018 19:54
    I compete in athletics, squash, climbing, swimming and rounders
  • Comment number 32. Posted by Shiny silver flute

    21 Nov 2018 18:35
    I play: Badminton, tennis, cricket and I do a bit of dancing at my acting school. No, I don't think that counts as dancing... ;)
  • Comment number 31. Posted by U17110744

    18 Oct 2018 20:40
    Rugby is adrenaline fueled football stinks and players are rude however the world cup! I LOVE IT!
  • Comment number 30. Posted by AquaCatSolarSparklingStars

    13 Sep 2018 18:48
    In our school, girl are only allowed to play fielders in cricket. We aren't even allowed to bat or bowl. Also I am only in year 4 and in year 3 they let everyone have a go.
  • Comment number 29. Posted by DolphinEmeraldKey

    9 Sep 2018 11:17
    I thought that was Rob
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    8 Sep 2018 18:47
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    8 Sep 2018 18:36
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    8 Sep 2018 11:59
    Why wasn`t cricket on the list, it should be😎😎😎💖💖💖😊😊😊
  • Comment number 25. Posted by MidnightBlueButterfly

    5 Sep 2018 17:23
    Btw it's unfair! Boys get to do football and the girls just stand in goal all the time ! 😡 Gender equality here ,it's ok for girls to do football

  • Comment number 24. Posted by U17137697

    5 Sep 2018 16:42
    I’m going to year eight tomorrow
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