Seven times you had to bounce back

1. When you told a joke and nobody laughed

Maybe your humour was just too sophisticated for the audience, but it was pretty awkward when your great joke was met with stony silence.

Time to learn a few new ones!

2. That time you failed a test at school

It didn’t feel very good at the time – but you learn from your mistakes, so in the long-run you can count it as a success.

3. When you tripped and fell over in front of everybody

Embarrassing? Totally! You literally had to dust yourself down and get back up – but hey, if you hadn’t you’d still be sitting on the floor somewhere!

4. The time you didn’t get picked for your sports team

You can’t always be the best at everything, but at least you can always try your best.

5. That time a friend let you down…

We all rely on other people, including our mates, but sometimes they let us down – it’s part of life! But at least you learned that friendship doesn’t have to be perfect.

6. …Or you let a friend down

Even if you didn’t mean it, you were maybe not a great mate. But at least you learned a lesson about how to be a better friend next time.

7. When you tried really, really hard and it just didn’t work out

Like that cake you spent hours making – which collapsed in the oven and turned into a sludgy, yucky, cake-y disaster…

(Luckily the next one was delicious!)

Have you ever had a time when you had to be resilient?

How did you do it?

Share your experiences below!

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