Second Bite: S1EP9

Episode 9 – Freak

Summary: Tonka delivers the Arrufat ruby to Dracula and tells him about Alisa's growing powers. Excited to use her new abilities Alisa tries them out, much to the amusement of Lars and Ivy, but Hindrik is worried. Meanwhile, Malcolm feels neglected because Lars is spending all his time with Alisa and Ivy. Tonka is quick to offer him friendship and a taste of human red. After being humiliated by the Dracas cousins, Alisa loses control and unleashes her new powers against them. Horrified, she locks herself away to keep the others safe. Meanwhile Dracula meets an old enemy who will do anything to get the rubies Dracula wants to hide.

  • Can Alisa control her powers without hurting her friends?
  • Who is Van Helsing and what does he want with the rubies?
  • Do you think Alisa is in love with both Nicu and Lars... or just one?

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