Second Bite: S1EP8

Episode 8 – Shadow for the Sun

Summary: Alisa, Lars and Ivy succeed in getting the book on Dracula’s history, which explains the curse of the Spark and what happened to Elisabetha. Dracula claims the Belov ruby of Russia and succeeds in adding another ruby to his growing collection. Tonka, who has an angry Dracula to please, compels Tammo into stealing the Arrufat ruby from the Contessa’s neck, but reveals herself as Raphaela's killer. Meanwhile, Alisa channels the Belov power and saves Hindrik from execution.

  • Can the Heirs reclaim the Arrufat ruby before Tonka reaches Dracula?
  • Now Dracula has the Belov ruby, how will the Heirs stop him?
  • Who was Alisa thinking of when she made her wish at the wishing well?

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