Foto fakies

This year's theme for Safer Internet Day is 'The Big Picture', so we’ve put together some examples of some the ways that pictures can be altered. Can you spot what the problems are with each one? 

First up, what’s not quite right about this image of Hacker?

OK that was an easy one...

You might have spotted that we gave Hacker an extra muscular arm! Look for clues in the background such as the wobbly lines behind his arm which can tell you if an image has been distorted in some way.   

Next up, what's not quite right with this image of Dr Chris and Dr Xand?

Did you notice what was wrong with it?

Well done if you spotted that we replaced the skeleton hand on Dr Xand's shoulder with a human hand. Sometimes, if we look at an image quickly, it can be easy to miss something as obvious as this!

The Dumping Ground now, but what's not quite right in this image?

Notice anything strange about the table?

Did you notice that the glass table has Floss's reflection in it, but the reflection of the woman is missing. Looking at reflections in an image can be a good way of noticing if something has been added that wasn't there before or even taken away.

Can you see the problem with this image from Eve?

Did you spot it?

Did you spot the missing wheel on the front of the police car? Use your knowledge of the real world and how things work to look out for obvious mistakes like this in images.

Can you tell what's wrong with this picture of Karim?

Did you spot the problem?

Well done if you noticed that the shadow behind Karim is not his. The shadow actually belongs to Blue Peter's Radzi! Be on the lookout for any shadows which don't match the shape of what they belong to as it is usually a sign that something has been edited. 

Finally, what's odd about this image of the Next Step cast?

We'll leave this one to you to figure out. Use all your observation skills and let us know in the comments below if you spot what we've done to the image. 

Don't forget to let us know how you did on all the other images too!

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