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  • Comment number 1398. Posted by U17465126

    12 hours ago
    A chicken is dancing about, then it hears ballet music and starts ballet dancing , then the music changes to rock punk music and plays the base, then that music stops and the smell of weetos and walks towards the house and hypnotises the man with the weetos and steals them all.
  • Comment number 1397. Posted by EthelHallow - the best witch ever

    19 Jan 2019 9:49
    i luv cats, but my dad hates 'em so when he's out at work, i invite all the cats in the neighbour hood over 2 my house
  • Comment number 1396. Posted by U17450168

    13 Jan 2019 11:35
    Cat party
    When I’m not at home, my cat invites all the cats in the niehgbough hood to a party at my house to eat lots of cat treats. And when I am about to come home, my cat and my hamster have to clean up using super sonic speed!
  • Comment number 1395. Posted by U17447106

    13 Jan 2019 10:48
    the cake dilemma ,long before the dinosaurs and long before god there was cake. Cake land of royal scrumptious delicacies
    but amongst the what called peace they had a massive problem they had a dilemma. the dilemma was every day the cakes would become one less. the candy cane yard investigated and they could not see why they were dying so they told the cake king if he didn't find a solution they would kill them all of so the king lied for hours as he couldn't stand up and he realised that there was a villain who ate them so with the candy cane army they fought and fought untill they won hooray
  • Comment number 1394. Posted by U17262251

    13 Jan 2019 10:35
    The sausage dog

    Once upon a time there was a dog that had a curse put upon him and one day he turned into a sausage and was eaten by a Giant called Bobby.

    The End

    By Nature lover
  • Comment number 1393. Posted by icecreamlover438

    13 Jan 2019 9:19
    The mystery of the banana

    There was once a banana who kept on splitting . When he was asked to do gymnastics , not only did he do the splits he split his pants . And then he turned into humpty dumpty.
    The End
  • Comment number 1392. Posted by Musicaldogtalents

    12 Jan 2019 14:47
    There once was a cake that tried to make
    cheese and scrambled egg
    it went horribly wrong so he tried to sing a song
    that now is his new craze
  • Comment number 1391. Posted by U17444903

    12 Jan 2019 11:58
    Half dog half chicken nugget
    There once was a dog that loved chicken nuggets. He ate them for breakfast lunch and dinner. One day he was having a chicken nugget feast with his friends when he ate a magic nugget they all gasped as his head turned into a chicken nugget! From that day on he has been a half dog half chicken nugget!!
  • Comment number 1390. Posted by U17296693

    12 Jan 2019 9:54
    There once was a dog, it’s name was called frog, but it was also secretly a log!
  • Comment number 1389. Posted by U17448819

    11 Jan 2019 17:58
    Once upon a time, there was a crab called Max. He needed a friend. Max was a sad crab. One day though, he met an eel called Lily. Lily and Max went to the same Fish School and they were in the same class so they both knew each other very well. Max and Lily were BFF's from that day forward.Then they went to the year 4076 in a time-travelling fish net.They discovered that then, the world was ruled by Crabs and Eels, NOT humans. They lived there forever. ( I mean FOREVER as everyone was immortal!)
    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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