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  • Sell It - Is there a CBBC show that you LOVE and think everyone should be watching? Then SELL IT to Max & Harvey and the rest of the FOMO audience! Just send us at least a 30 second video, telling us all about the show you love and why others should watch it and if you SELL IT well enough, Max & Harvey will show it on FOMO!
  • On Today's Show - Simply send us a video message of you saying “I'm [YOUR NAME!], what's coming up on today’s show Max and Harvey?”
  • TOP 3 - Ever wondered what Max and Harvey’s top 3 school stationary is? Or perhaps you really need to know what their top 3 favourite sounds are, I mean who doesn’t need to know that? Ask Max and Harvey a top 3 question by sending us a video, the more creative or unusual your top 3 question is, the better chance you’ll have making it onto FOMO!
  • Start a trend - What does the bottle flip, the floss and a bun bag all have in common? They were all trends at one point or another! We want YOU to start a new trend, maybe it’s an awesome dance craze, a technical challenge or brand new fashion statement!? Whatever it is, send us a picture or a video, explaining what it is and we’ll try to get it trending on FOMO!
  • Reverse Fomo - It’s not just you who can get FOMO, even Max and Harvey can get it from time to time. If you think Max and Harvey have missed out on something huge, maybe you climbed a mountain, got a new pet or just saw something amazing on the news? Send us a video telling us exactly what they missed out on, so they can avoid getting FOMO!

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  • Don't sendPersonal details
  • Don't sendStuff with other people
  • Don't sendAnything naughty
  • Don't sendStuff we didn't ask for
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