You took the Piping Challenge!

Your Piping Challenges

Harry completed his piping in 19.76 seconds! His sister Charlotte did the timing for him.

Lexi piped her cupcakes in a very impressive 8.65 seconds!

Sukina managed a great time in her Piping Challenge!

Husayn iced his cupcakes very quickly!

Here's Mohammed doing his Piping Challenge. Well done!

Karim takes The Piping Challenge

Did Karim beat Nadiya's time? Take a look at the clip below to find out!

Sam & Mark take on the challenge

Did you beat the presenters? Take a look at the clip below to find out.

Lauren takes on the Piping Challenge

Lauren wanted to have a go at the Piping Challenge... did you beat her time?

Nadiya and Allegra take on the piping challenge

And Hacker gave it a go too! Sort of…

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