Hetty Feather's Diary: Birthday

Birthday parties are meant to be happy occasions! But not when you’ve got Lady Grenford in the family! She tried to ruin Miss Emily’s birthday for everyone and get her married off to her grandson. Can you imagine? Emily’s far too young and too clever to get married, especially to someone as horrid as that!

Thank goodness me and my friends did our best to make everything right. We worked as a team and it paid off. Afterwards, Gideon and I said it was just like being back in the Foundling Hospital and out-witting Matron. But this time, it was a real family we were fighting for. And it seems to have been worth it. After they’d cut the birthday cake, Mrs Calendar smiled at me and thanked me for a lovely day. She didn’t need to say anymore – but I knew what she meant. I’d helped her and she appreciated it!

But best of all, now Lady Grenford and Brody are gone, the Calendars can be a happy family once again – and I knew I’d helped bring them together. To me, that’s better than any present, ever!

I finished my duties in record time, read my responses below.


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  • Comment number 82. Posted by U17216892

    21 Oct 2018 12:38
    I took my brother to a beach with my parents and we both swam to oe of the sand dumes and named it our island!
  • Comment number 81. Posted by naomi

    27 Sep 2018 17:19
    I helped cook food
  • Comment number 80. Posted by eking31111

    31 Aug 2018 12:57
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  • Comment number 79. Posted by U17132592

    22 Aug 2018 20:04
    Dear Hetty,

    What I have done for my family, is making them smile , laugh and keeping them happy .

    Yours sincerely

    Sparkle Gray kitty 1
  • Comment number 78. Posted by U17131976

    22 Aug 2018 13:11
    My birthday is on the 21 on july
  • Comment number 77. Posted by UnixornRainbowMermaid

    17 Aug 2018 10:56
    Dear Hetty,
    I absolutely love your show, the best thing I have done for my family is when someone has died I have been super supportive and have been looking after my two younger sisters, like caring for them! X
    Unicorn207 ❤️🦄🐹😘
  • Comment number 76. Posted by UnixornRainbowMermaid

    17 Aug 2018 11:01
    Is it true that there is a new series of Hetty Feather coming out in 2019 someone said that on a Hetty Feather game, I can’t remember which one thoughX
  • Comment number 75. Posted by FloweryBluePeterTurtle

    17 Aug 2018 9:30
    Dear Hetty,
    The best thing I have done for my family was when my mum had a terrible migrane, so I helped my little sister to do her hair, brush her teeth, make sure she has all the correct school uniform on and make breakfast.

  • Comment number 74. Posted by U17094466

    3 Aug 2018 18:53
    the best thing I have done is help my dad in the garden.
  • Comment number 73. Posted by pinkfluffyunicorns

    3 Aug 2018 13:22
    hetty feather the best thing i did was comfort my mother
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