Hetty Feather's Diary: Silence

I feel so upset. Jack is really angry with me. And if Master Ashok finds out that we’re searching for the Dawn Star without him, he’ll be angry too! Plus, Agnes is angry with Gideon. At tea, hardly anyone spoke to each other. Jack didn’t even look at me when I asked him to pass me the bread. It’s like none of us are going to be friends anymore!

All we’ve been trying to do is work as a team – and that’s meant keeping our search a secret. We didn’t ever mean to annoy Agnes by leaving her out. After all, if Flo or Ambrose had heard I’d been to see Soames, the old butler, who knows what they’d do? And now Lizzie has the parchment, Ambrose would be furious!

Our team has worked so hard together – but we’ve still got so much more work to do. We have to find the Dawn Star but, more importantly, we have to stay friends too. I don’t like sneaking about but if I told Agnes where I’d been it could be too risky. The same goes for Ashok. So it’s best to keep our mouths shut, even though we don’t want to. Perhaps that’s what Jack is doing and that’s why he’s quiet. He’s annoyed – but he’d rather not say.

Now, sitting up here in my room, I keep thinking about it and want to make it right. I want us all to be friends!

I've finished my duties at Calendar Hall for now, so I've written some responses to your messages. Thank you so much for writing to me!

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