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If only Lizzie had told us sooner that Flo was being horrid to her – we could have helped. Lizzie said she was too scared to tell anyone that she was being bullied. She didn’t even tell Agnes – and she’s her sister! Poor Lizzie, she was worried that Agnes wouldn’t believe her because she’s Flo’s friend.

After supper this evening, as we went to our rooms, I told Lizzie that if she didn’t feel she could speak to Agnes, then she can always talk to me. Of course, at least now we have more clues to find the Dawn Star! I told Lizzie that even though she was scared down there, she was a hero! And we need to be one step ahead of Lady Grenford. She seems to be far too interested in Ashok and the Dawn Star.

But I wish Lizzie and the Dawn Star was all that I was worrying about. I’m worried about Jack too. Telling him that we weren’t going to New York together was one of the worst moments ever! Even thinking about it when I got back to my room this evening made me cry. I hope he’ll forgive me in time, but I feel so guilty.

It’s times like this I wish Sheila was still around. She might not have helped but she would have either made me laugh or made me angry – and they’re both better than feeling upset. What do you think is the best thing to do if someone is upset?

I've finished my duties at Calendar Hall for now, so I've written some responses to your messages. Thank you so much for writing to me!

Message from CBBC

If you need to talk to someone about bullying, you could speak to a family member, a friend, a guardian or teacher.

If there is no one you feel you can speak to then there are advice helplines here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/findoutmore/advice-helplines

There are more helplines against online bullying here: https://www.bbc.com/ownit/about-us/other-places-online-to-help-you

Try to talk to someone as soon as possible. It might surprise them how much better it feels when you share a problem.

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