Hetty Feather's Diary: Suspicion

There’s always something going on at Calendar Hall at the moment. It’s like living in a mystery story! But now Lady Grenford’s arrived, I feel nervous. How can anyone trust her again? I know I can’t.

I was talking to Agnes, Gideon and Jack at tea, and we can’t figure out why Mrs Calendar has agreed to let her stay after all the trouble she caused last time. This time, not even Mr Calendar’s here to keep a check on her.

I know Lady Grenford is elderly, and perhaps I shouldn’t be so suspicious, but I keep thinking she might cause even more trouble – for the Calendars and for us servants. 

Tonight, I took her supper and I was so nervous before I went into her room the tray was almost shaking! Thankfully, Lady Grenford was tired, so at least I didn’t have to talk to her or answer any of her questions. I wish I didn’t have to serve her, but I don’t have a choice. While she’s here, I’ll serve her every day. Lucky me! As I went out of the room, I made sure I smiled at her and wished her goodnight.

With Lady Grenford, I always have to watch my step. I hope my future at Calendar Hall would never be at risk because of her. But I’m worried… What will Lady Grenford do?

I've finished my duties at Calendar Hall for now, so I've written some responses to your messages. Thank you so much for writing to me!

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