Hetty Feather's Diary: Decisions

I never thought a letter arriving could be so exciting! In between my chores, I’ve been glancing at Harriet’s letter all day – in secret of course, I didn’t want to be caught by Master Ashok. It’s always lovely to get letters from a friend, but with New York being so far away, this is extra special.

I loved hearing her news too. Harriet’s not a servant anymore! But even more exciting is that she now has a job as a school teacher. And she told me that Mathias is working in the school too, as a janitor. I’m not sure what that is, but I think he takes care of the school building and does repairs. And now I have the chance to be a school teacher too - in one of the most exciting places on earth, New York!

She said some of the buildings there are very grand – one of them is 11-storeys high! There’s also a big park opposite her school called Central Park which she walks in every day with her pupils. After work, Harriet and Mathias walk there too. I’d love to see it for myself.

I’ve always wanted to travel and not be a servant every day! And imagine the stories I could write. I’d travel across the ocean on a liner – and make a new life in America. Now Harriet will be expecting a letter back from me – to tell her what I plan to do. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I've finished my duties at Calendar Hall for now, so I've written some responses to your messages. Thank you so much for writing to me!

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