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When I woke up in the street den, I thought it was the worst Christmas ever. But thanks to my friends, it turned out pretty well. Even Matron gave me quite a surprise – she has changed! And it’s all for the better. Saying that, it doesn’t mean I’d like to see her again! For now, I’m happy to stay off the streets and keep out of trouble.

That’s what Mrs Calendar’s Home for Destitute Children will do for the street-gang too. From now on, they’ll never have to go pick-pocketing again. Instead, they’ll be kept safe, and be taught to read and write too. It will be a bit like the Foundling Hospital – only Mrs Calendar will make sure that everyone’s kind to them!

Thanks to Mrs Calendar I also got to see Ida. And that was a Christmas wish I thought may never come true! But it did... I gave her such a big hug when I saw her. We sat by the fire in the kitchen at Bignor and caught up on all our news! Just seeing her made me feel happy. Even though we’re apart, it never seems like that. We chat as if we see each other every single day. If only we could! That’s why seeing my mother was the best present I could ever receive. And bringing Sheila back to Calendar Hall was the best present I could ever give. Sheila’s back where she belongs and that makes her happy too. There are some gifts that can’t compare with friendship or family – they’re what I treasure best of all. What do you treasure most about your family or friends? Happy Christmas everyone!

I've finished my duties at Calendar Hall for now, here are my responses to your messages.

Merry Christmas from Calendar Hall!

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