Hetty Feather's Diary: Justice

Ambrose was the thief! It all made perfect sense! My friends believed me, and they wanted justice. By working as a team, that’s what we got! Now, with the help of Ashok’s quest, I’ve written a story too!

Writing is my hobby and my ambition. And Jack seems to think I’m good at it too. In a way, that means more to me than having my story published. Seeing Jack smile made me realise that we’re friends again and that matters to me so much. It also made me realise that right now, I don’t want to be anywhere else but Calendar Hall.

Finding the Dawn Star means that we’ve all become a real team and by sticking together we can achieve anything! Well, almost anything… Lady Grenford is still here, of course! Though this evening she was a lot more polite than usual when I took her supper to her room. So, I suppose anything is possible! For me, that means getting Sheila out of the Workhouse too. But I know that I can’t rush in to fix things just yet. I need to stay at Calendar Hall and work hard for a while before I go out on any more rescue missions! But I hope it won’t be too long because you know how I like to help, and you know how determined I am… That’s why I wrote my story! I was determined to write it and writing makes me happy.

I've finished my duties at Calendar Hall for now, here are my responses to your messages.

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