Things to think when you look in the mirror!

1. ‘I am totally unique’!

There has never been, and never will be, anyone quite like you – so take a minute to think about all the little things that make you special.

2. ‘Today I can have a positive impact’

Even the smallest good deed – like giving someone a compliment or a helping hand – can make the world that little bit better.

3. ‘I’ve come really far!’

Think about the person you saw in the mirror this time last year – and how many incredible things you’ve done, learned or achieved since then.

4. ‘I’m just as good as everyone else’

It’s true – sometimes you might not feel as confident as everyone else seems to be, but they probably feel that way too.

5. ‘My smile is amazing’

Not only is your smile beautiful, it’s powerful – use it often and you’ll make other people smile too.

What will you tell yourself next time you look in the mirror?

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