Lip Sync

Clip 1

Clip 1 is from Summer Camp Island.

Clip 2

Clip 2 is Dennis and Gnasher.

Clip 3

Clip 3 is from She Ra.

Miming Medley

This week's theme song is Andy and the Band theme song! Mime along to the song and we could be showing you in our miming montage on 20th May!

Andy and the Band Theme Tune.

Send In Your Video

Do your best to lip sync, mime or act out one of the clips and send in your video using the CBBC Uploader button below!

We could be showing your video on CBBC HQ very soon.

Are you ready to send your stuff?

  • Don't sendPersonal details
  • Don't sendStuff with other people
  • Don't sendAnything naughty
  • Don't sendStuff we didn't ask for
the rules.

Check out Joe's lip sync video!

Check out Rhys' lip sync video!

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