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Follow the tutorial from Rhys and his sister, learn the dance and join the CBBC Dancealong!

Film yourself doing the dance, send it in via the CBBC Uploader below and you could be on the telly!

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Use the CBBC Uploader below to send in your video and join the CBBC Dance-Along!

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The Dance...

This is the dance we want you all to do!

Rhys' Tutorial

Here's Rhys' tutorial!

Watch this video to learn the dance...

Your Music!

Here's the music you'll be dancing to - The Next Step theme tune!

Play the music to dance along with!

It's Holly aka Cassie from My Perfect Landing!

Zoey aka Alicia from Malory Towers has mastered the routine!

Stanley from Craft Party joined in with his brother Frank!

Here's Natasha who plays Olivia from My Perfect Landing!

India from Craft Party showed off her brilliant dance!

Tom who plays Joon in My Perfect Landing did some great dancing!

Zoe AKA Ruby from Jamie Johnson shows off her moves!

Ethan from Craft Party has got involved!

Max from KIDZ BOP has got the moves!

Georgia from Craft Party has joined in!

Cara from Craft Party has joined in!

Cat from The Pets Factor shows off her great moves!

It's Shelby Bain, AKA Amy from The Next Step!

Twinkle from KIDZ BOP shows off her moves!

Danya who plays Gwendoline from Malory Towers shows off her great moves!

Ricky Martin from Art Ninja shows off his animated dance routine!

It's Alex AKA Piper from The Next Step!!!

Donel from The Playlist showed us his best moves!

Imogen who plays Mary Lou from Malory Towers showed off her dance skills.

Elizabeth Bower who plays Aunt Corey in Secret Life Of Boys has got the moves!

Tilly from Almost Never has got involved.

Fred from Step Up To The Plate has joined in too!

Four of Diamonds showed off their amazing dance moves!

James from the Pets Factor can really move!

Vick Hope has joined in too!

Joe's Tasker's friend Jack Biggs gave it a go!

Mia from KIDZ BOP showed off her dance moves!

CBBC'S Hacker T Dog showed off his dancing talent!

Here's Hetty Feather AKA Issy Clifton!

Is that Henry the Blue Peter dog?

Joe Tasker had a go!

Andi Peters had a go!

Naomi Wilkinson joins in!

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