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Snowbird thought of a great sidekick for Esme.

We've picked Esme's sidekick but now scroll down to start writing the story!

Esme's sidekick should be Brenda Broccoli She is very vain and thinks she is the most beautiful vegetable ever. She used to be nice but after losing a beauty contest turned evil and started attacking vegetables who don't call her the prettiest of them all. Her favourite colour is green and she lives in a mansion full of things she wants. She joined Esme very recently when she was given loads of money and was promised to have any beautiful vegetables destroyed.

Dougie Poynter suggested a wooden spoon who turned invisible at night would be a good sidekick.

SapphireSpringySlug has created a great setting for the CBBC Book characters.

Sophie obviously lives at 10 Downing Street and Johnny lives in London too but obviously in a much smaller house. They both go to the same school called The Posh School For Posh Children! Albert lives in an aquarium near Downing Street and knows where a secret tunnel to the sewers is and regularly goes there and one time meets Esme as she leaves her evil lair which is under 10 Downing Street! Then Sophie and Johnny meet Albert on a school trip to the aquarium where he warns them about Esme having a lair under Downing Street!

Ade Adepitan gives his suggestion of what would make a good setting for the book.

Turquoise Owl Turquoise Owl created Esme the Evil Egg

Esme is an Evil egg who desperately wants to defeat detective Johnny and hates Sophie, she wants to take over the WHOLE of the country and then the world! In her free time you will find her planning her next attempt of evilness and creating a mischievous plan.

Catherine Doyle revealed the fourth character of the book and gave her advice on how to write settings in books.

Phoenix Pineapple Guitar created Albert the Well-Dressed Whale

Phoenix Pineapple Guitar created Albert the Well-Dressed Whale, who always wears a hat, a duffel coat, and carries a briefcase and a cup of coffee. Albert love to do paperwork, go to museums and read textbooks.

HammerLion created Johnny Tomlinson

HammerLion created Johnny Tomlinson, who is the youngest ever detective and works for Scotland Yard. His super powers are time travel, super strength and flight. He also has a sidekick named Inspector Samson.

Cressida Cowell drew her version of Johnny Tomlinson

Cressida Cowell came in to CBBC Book Club and drew, what she thought, Johnny would look like.

Adelaide created Sophie Frazier

Adelaide created the character Sophie Frazier, who is the youngest Prime Minister ever at the age of 12! Sophie has also invented a machine that can provide any food. Sophie also has the power to turn invisible.

The CBBC Book

We love it when you get involved with CBBC Book Club and we love hearing about the books you are reading.

So we've decided we are going to make our very own book!

It's a completely blank book, it doesn't have a title, there are no story lines, no illustrations and there are no characters.

BUT this is where you come in!

Every month we will set you a challenge and get our story up and running.

Let's Get This Story Started!

The first line of the book is: " 'IT WAS A FOGGY FEBRUARY EVENING IN LONDON..."  

We want you to continue writing the story but write about:

  • How do we first meet Sophie Frazer?
  • What is she doing?
  • Has she finished a busy day running the country?
  • Where is she?
  • Who is she with?

Look out for guest authors and illustrators on Book Club this month who may offer their advice, tips and suggestions of what needs to be added into the book.

To get involved comment below with the start of the story and it could feature in our brand new book.

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