Help solve the mystery

Setting the scene...

Watch the actions leading up to the incident where the missing page was discovered!

The Fictional Detective part 1: Introduction

The Fictional Detective talks us through the start of the case.

I'm the Detective, analytical & lyrical

My evidence is evident and always so empirical

Ask me a question, I got the answer

Do you like Sherlock Holmes? Nah, I'm not such a fan sir

Lindsey’s lost the plot ’cos a page got torn out

Oh no she cried out, now I’ll never find out

Who did it to my whodunit book

I'm the Fictional Detective, let me take a look!

Line up the witnesses, interview the lot of them

A crime has been committed, so let's get to the bottom of it

This investigation – Yes, it's time to detect

And let's not forget, everyone’s a suspect!

Suspect One: Lindsey

The Fictional Detective interviews Lindsey as a potential suspect... Could she have ACCIDENTALLY ripped the page out of her own book? 

Suspect Two: Radzi

The Fictional Detective puts Radzi under the microscope... He spotted some crumbs lying around Lindsey's book, and we all know how Radzi loves a BBC flapjack. Did Radzi rip out the page? 👀🧐🤭

Suspect Three: The Runner

The runner wants to be a presenter... Does she have a motive to rip a page out of Lindsey's book? Watch The Fictional Detective to find out!

Suspect Four: The Director

The Fictional Detective puts the director under the spotlight. We know he was mad at Lindsey for not focusing on her work... Could he have ripped the page out in an attempt to get Lindsey to focus? 

Suspect Five: Hacker

Did the dog do it? The Fictional Detective interviews Hacker to find out if his canine ways got the best of him. 

The Fictional Detective Part Two: The Suspect List

The Fictional Detective rounds up who could have committed the crime. 

Lindsey was the last to see the novel in tact
And that’s a fact – except maybe that
Radzi could have done it. Maybe he’s jealous
Or what about the runner? What didn’t she tell us?

What fact did she omit?
Did someone else do it?

Is the…
Director misdirecting us? Did he do the crime?
What about Hacker? Should Hacker do time?

Wait a minute… Hacker time! Hacker time!

Who has the means? Who has got the motive?
Who is talking truth and who is lying through their teeth?
Respect the process, expect the unexpected
And never forget everyone’s suspected.

Suspects and Motives

The Fictional Detective has one rule: everyone is a suspect.

Here is our list:

LINDSEY – could have ripped the page out by accident
RADZI – could have done it because he is bored of hearing Lindsey go on about the book
HACKER – could have done it because he is a wild animal
THE RUNNER – unclear what motive she has
THE DIRECTOR – could have done it because he thinks the book is distracting Lindsey 

Sequence of Events

Having interviewed everyone once, we have a pretty good sequence of events:

10:30 - Lindsey was reading her book in the canteen
10:35 - Radzi ran in to tell her to go to the studio
10:37 - Lindsey bumps into RUNNER coming the other way.
10:40 - Lindsey goes into studio and talks to the DIRECTOR.
10:50 - Lindsey leaves and heads back but…
10:53 - Bumps into Hacker in the corridor
10:55 - Lindsey nips to the loo
10:59 - Lindsey arrives back at the canteen to find the final page torn out.

Further Evidence

A photo of the crime scene has emerged and there appears to be crumbs around the damaged book. What could this mean?

Interview Two: Lindsey

The Fictional Detective interviews Lindsey further to find out who she thinks ripped the page out of her book...🔎

Interview Two: Radzi

Radzi gives the Fictional Detective an excuse about the flapjack crumbs... Do you think he ripped the page out of Lindsey's book?

Interview Two: The Runner

The Fictional Detective tries to interview the runner, but she's so busy that she doesn't have time to talk. Is she avoiding something...? 

Interview Two: The Director

What can the Fictional Detective tease out of the Director today?

Interview Two: Hacker

Did the dog do it? Do you believe his alibi? 

The Fictional Detective: Part Three

The Fictional Detective runs us through the three potential suspects... Who committed the crime of the missing page? 

Dogs are not allowed in the dining area

Not poodles, cocker spoodles, not even a terrier

Hacker must be innocent – that is plain to see

And so is the Director, who never left the gallery

Which means it’s down to three

It could be Radzi

Or the runner who ripped it

Or maybe it was Lindsey

Who accidentally did it

We’ve gathered all the evidence

We’ve found all the clues

And now the clock is ticking

It’s time for you to choose

Who’s your prime suspect?

Who do you think?

You better be sure

Before you point the finger

Now whether you know or whether you don’t

It’s time for you to vote!

Time to point the finger

Further Evidence: Clue Number Two

The sound engineer has uncovered this distorted audio clip. Do you think it may be of use to the case?

The Fictional Detective: Part Four

The Fictional Detective concludes the mystery of the missing page 🔎

As the detective, it's my resolution

To analyse the problem and find a solution

To the mystifying mystery of the missing last page

And reveal who did it at this, the final stage

Exciting isn’t it?

It wasn’t Radzi or Lindsey who committed the crime

It was the runner who did.

And here’s the reason why:

When Lindsey said, 'Take a leaf'

She meant it to be figurative

But the runner took it literally

She's not all there if you ask me

Yes, the runner heard the phrase ‘Take a leaf out of my book’ and did just that. Ha. You couldn’t write it.

I'm the detective, analytical and lyrical

My evidence is evident and always so empirical

When you have a problem, I'm your best friend

And that was our mystery and this is the end

The Confession

Listen to the runner confess all! 

Thanks from Lindsey

Lindsey is thrilled she has her missing page back!

The Vote

The Fictional Detective - Gareth P Jones

If you loved the mystery, why not watch BP ask the author, Gareth P Jones, some of the questions below?!?

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