Challenge the presenters

The sillier the challenge, the better!

Set one of our presenters a RIDICULOUS challenge to complete on live TV!

Perhaps you want to see them put on as many underpants as possible in 30 seconds, or challenge them to hula-hoop 100 hoops, or attempt to say the alphabet backward while balancing jelly on their head.

Record a short video telling us about your idea and what you want the presenters to do in the studio.

Get involved and who knows, you might appear on Blue Peter setting our presenters their latest challenge!

Are you ready to send your stuff?

  • Don't sendPersonal details
  • Don't sendStuff with other people
  • Don't sendAnything naughty
  • Don't sendStuff we didn't ask for
the rules.

Things to think about when sending on your challenges:

  • Speak clearly and smile, you might end up on telly!
  • Make sure no one else is in your video.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Be creative, your ideas should be silly and creative, but keep them simple 

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