Post of the Week: String Ship

22nd February 2019

This week, Post of the Week has been awarded to Heidi, 15 from Macclesfield. Heidi has earned herself a Silver badge with this incredibly cool Blue Peter Ship. It's an absolute genius idea and we think you will agree that it totally deserves to be shown off.

Every nail has been expertly placed, with perfect precision and accuracy. This could not have been easy, and it looks awesome!

Wrapping the thread around every nail to fill out the ship looks great! We especially love the silver string you used around the edges. Really nice work Heidi!

If you are thinking of creating something similar, make sure you grab a grown-up! Remember: health and safety never takes a day off!

Send in your creations!

You can find out how to earn your own Blue Peter badge on this info page!

Or post us your stuff to BLUE PETER, MEDIACITYUK, SALFORD, M50 2BH.

Don't forget to check back every Friday at 4pm to see the post of the week.

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