Make your own mystery message card

You will need

  • Sheet of card
  • Scissors
  • Coloured pencils
  • Pencil
  • Two round objects of different sizes to trace around
  • Bowl of water

Step one

To start, trace around a small circular object with your pencil (the lid of a small jar works well). Top tip: If the objects you draw around are see-through then you'll be able to see what you are drawing. 

Step two

Then trace a bigger circle around the small one (using a drinking glass means you can see through the glass to line up your circles).

Step three

Place your index finger on the paper between the two circles and trace around it with your pencil to make the petals.

Step four

Write a nice message on the inside circle of your flower.

Step five

Use coloured pencils to colour in your flower.

Step six

Cut out your flower with the help of an adult. 

Step seven

Fold your petals down one by one as you go around the flower. 

Step eight

Fold the last petal underneath the first petal to keep the flower closed. 

Step nine

Write some instructions on the back of your flower with what to do next and you're done!

Step 10

Enjoy and share again with someone else!

Let us know if you've made this mystic message make in the comments below! 

We'd love to know who you are making the card for and why? What's special about that person? What message you'll be putting in your card?

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