Joe Wicks' Blue Peter workout

But if that wasn't enough exercise for you, Joe has created this amazing 5 step exercise routine exclusively for Blue Peter, and what's best is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

Exercise 1 - Running on the spot

Get the heart beating with this run on the spot to limber up those legs! Do 30 seconds and then rest.

Exercise 2 - Jumping Jacks

These jumping Jacks will keep you fit, it's a full-body exercise that will certainly boost your heart rate!  Do 30 seconds and then rest.

Exercise 3 - Squats

Squats will help your legs feel super strong, you'll really be able to feel this exercise! Do 30 seconds and then rest.

Exercise 4 - Punches

This exercise is great for the upper body, speed up those punches to really work hard! Do 30 seconds and then rest.

Exercise 5 - Lunge

Another one for the legs, but it's also great to help improve your balance as it is a Yoga style pose. If you want to make it a bit harder, jump between legs as you lunge. Do 30 seconds and rest.

Let us know what you've been doing to keep fit during your time at home in the comments below.

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