Show us your badges!

Send us your videos!

We want to see you showing off your badges and telling us how you earned them!
Send us your video now using the 'Send your stuff' link below, you never know, you might make it on the telly!

Make sure you do:

  • Record a clear video - landscape mode is better
  • Leave your first name in the video description and information about what you've filmed
  • Explain in the video what you have done and why you are proud of it - make sure you are wearing or holding your badge
  • Keep your video short - no longer than 30 seconds

Make sure you don't:

  • Wear your school uniform
  • Film or photograph other people

Are you ready to send your stuff?

  • Don't sendPersonal details
  • Don't sendStuff with other people
  • Don't sendAnything naughty
  • Don't sendStuff we didn't ask for
the rules.

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