Henry's Blog and Bloopers

Henry is always up to mischief and the Blue Peter team will be on hand with a camera to snap our cheeky little pupper!

Stay tuned to Henry's blog and bloopers for more pictures of Henry living his best life, mingling with celeb guests and being a super cute pooch.

Henry's Blog

Henry got seriously muddy
Henry and Richie recently took on a dog obstacle course, which involved lots of running through mud, and jumping in mud baths and ball pits! Henry wasn’t the biggest fan of going in the mud… who can blame him? Check out Henry’s behind the scenes video below.

Chilling by the Batmobile... no biggie!
Henry enjoyed checking out all of the Batman treasures in the studio! Maybe Henry could be Batman's latest Bat-Hound companion? He did bark at Batman until he realised it was Richie inside the costume though...

He's just so cute!
Henry is a very good boy! Doesn't he look ADORABLE in this photograph? Although he's very cute, looking after a dog takes a lot of time and dedication. Henry has found a loving home with a member of the Blue Peter production team where he gets plenty of care and attention. 

First time on camera
Henry is definitely not camera shy! He loves being filmed and having his photo taken, which is an important characteristic for the new BP pup. Here he is getting up close and personal with the camera. 

Henry's Bloopers

'Get a dog' they said... 'It will be fun' they said ...Well, it is fun! But Henry is still finding his feet as Britain's most famous showbiz pooch and hasn't quite got to grips with life on set... Check out these hilarious moments of Henry misbehaving on Blue Peter! We guarantee you'll be laughing.

The time Henry destroyed the BP sofa
Henry wasn't happy that he wasn't the centre of attention in this interview with footballing legend Alex Scott, so he decided to rip up the sofa! Luckily, this was just the rehearsal and he behaved a lot better in the live show.

Henry does the happy dance
Well, we think it is the happy dance. But perhaps Henry just needed to squirm on the sofa for a bit... whatever it was, it looks very strange. We love Lindsey's face! This was part of a rehearsal, not the live show

Henry sits like a human
Remember that time Henry decided to sit up straight on live Blue Peter? Maybe he was showing his appreciation to the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital or did he just find it more comfortable? We'll never know what was going inside his doggy brain... but we can all agree that it's very cute!

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