Your emoji stories

Tips for your emoji stories

  • You must use all three emojis.
  • Keep your stories short - If you feel you are writing too much, maybe think about ending on a cliffhanger.
  • Be imaginative, try to use your emojis in ways that others might not have thought about.
  • Have fun! 

Week 6:

LilacWaterPanda wrote this fantastic story:

There was once a dragon so fierce and powerful, no one dared go near it. The problem was, the dragon was guarding the magic spoon, which had the power to cure any illness. One day, a young boy went into the garden where the dragon lived. He didn’t realise it was in there, and came face to face with it! He used the only thing he had with him, a dice. Somehow, the dice distracted the dragon. The boy picked up the magic spoon and brought it back home. After that, he went travelling to cure the sick. The dragon played with the dice for the rest of his life!

Week 5:

Here's an incredibly creative story from BlueSparklyGymnast:

It was a summer evening when Tilly’s parents announced that they were going on a cruise. Tilly could either stay with her grandma or go to summer camp, so she chose to stay with her grandma. When her parents came back they had a present for her, it was a ring. She put it on immediately. Tilly coughed and a magnificent rainbow appeared out of nowhere even though it was foggy, without a hint of sunshine! She sneezed and the rainbow disappeared! She asked her mum where she got the ring from, She said that a fortune-teller gave it to her and said the child who wears this can change the weather with her nose.

Week 4:

We loved how applepielover used the emojis in this story. Take a look:

Time was against us. My team had to score before the famous, dastardly, tornado of time swept into the stadium. We had tried hundreds of times to score, each time coming really close but, alas, nothing seemed to be going right!

The tornado of time was a horrific thing, every time we played a match in this stadium it would begin to come for us. If we hadn't scored by the time it came, it would swirl us up and take us back in time until we did.

As the tornado swirled even further towards us I sighed, panicking a little. Everyone was counting on me and my team...

Week 3:

Here's a top-notch story from SandwichTaco:

"I knew this was a bad idea. We're running out of fuel for our rocket! There is no way we're getting to Malloway at this rate!" Roared The Lion, pulling on a lever.
"Well it was your dream! I just came along for the thrill!" Said The Robot, turning to the control pad.
"Wait! Look, Robot, look! I see it! I see Malloway!" Said The Lion, squealing in delight.
"By my calculations... you are correct! Woo-hoo!" The Robot jumped up, did a perfect pirouette, and landed on his feet.
"I can't believe we made it," He said "All the way back home,"

Week 2:

Eviopia wrote this awesome emoji story!

It rumbled, shaking the earth until it could shake no more. Up, up, up the smoke rose taking pirouetting embers with it. The bowls of the foul beast roared until it regurgitated fiery lava not 5 ft in front of the snowman. He had travelled far; this was his only chance. And his potion was wearing off. Fast. He would start to melt! But he must get that wretched key into the heart of the roaring mountain, or else all mankind may be lost...
He had one chance and he couldn't go back. Not now, not ever. How could the whole world rely upon him of all things? If only everything wasn't so absurd...

Week 1:

Here's an amazing story from CyanEagleSnow:

The castle, which stood proudly in the potato field, seemed to be invisible to all that passed it - all but me. Clutching the strange egg tighter, I stepped forward and took in the splendid door, revelling in its own grandeur. I pushed it slightly and it eagerly swung open for me to see the narrow hall it concealed. I was so in awe, I dropped the strange egg... but was it really an egg? It sparkled like ice on a fresh snowy day, and the top half of it faded away to reveal...

A perfectly normal chick.

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