Create an emoji musical

How to join in!

  • Each week, you should write one verse!
  • Your verse should have a maximum of four lines of text.
  • Make it rhyme!
  • Be as silly and as creative as you like.
  • You must use all of the emojis.
  • Have fun.

Once we have all of your submissions, we will pick a couple of verses to combine and make one totally original Blue Peter song! 

How cool is that!?

Week 5:

Week 4:

Another amazing week of entries! Check out some of our favourites:

Bookworm Cat Queen
There was a door, opened by a unicorn,
Who wanted to know why he was born,
Through a crystal ball he looked with remorse,
As he found out he was actually a horse!

Shimmering Mini Butterfly
Look through my crystal ball,
What is that, standing so tall?
A door! But not an ordinary door,
It transformed a unicorn, just look at it soar!

The unicorn's hooves clip-clopped on the floor,
And he walked through the magic door,
The crystal ball was sat on the wall,
And unicorn saw his future - he was tall!

I open the door,
I see a fancy new globe,
And then a unicorn appears,
Then it spread tears from its ears.

Week 3:

We were blown away by these entries, nice work everyone:

Once a monkey packed a trunky,
And headed off to space,
I looked for him through my telescope,
But saw an alien's face!

Sparkling emerald rabbit
I love space and I couldn't cope,
Without my shiny telescope,
I wish I could see an alien,
So does my monkey called Scalien.

The alien looked out of his telescope,
He saw Jupiter and Mars but then said “Nope!”
He looked at Earth to see what he could see,
And saw a big, brown, hairy monkey!

The monkey looked through the telescope,
It wanted to spot something but could only hope,
It saw an alien zooming all around,
It was friendly and waved down to the ground.

Week 2:

Let's give these verses a round of applause! Nice work guys, we love them.

I always wear my trainers to my dad's boat,
I also bring a stopwatch, to see how long it will float,
A minute is what I always guess before it's lost to sea,
And as it goes down, I sing "rather it than me!"

History footballer1234
Tick, tock, goes the clock,
When will the tension stop?
Mum sprints down the bank,
But too late, dad's boat has already sank!

We were in a boat sailing the big, open, blue,
We fished a lot out, even a stopwatch and shoe,
From where those had come from, we didn't have a clue,
But this means we need to help the ocean, you, and you, and you!

The watch was ticking fast, tick, tock, tick,
The boat race was tense, so I felt a little seasick,
The water washed over my brand new shoes,
But I kept sailing as I didn't want to lose!

Week 1:

Check out these awesome verses!

standing proud soldier
A cat was wandering down the streets at night,
When she saw a golden hat, reflecting the lamppost’s light!
She wore it to the circus and did an outstanding show,
The audience roared with applause even the bat said “Bravo!”

Rainbow Toast
The Cat with the hat strutted down the street,
showing off her golden collar to any cat she sees
But in a flash, she saw something Dash!
It was a bat eating some Mash!

Footballing Llama
Once I found a cat in my hat,
Which took me by surprise.
The next day, in my hat, I found a bat.
Was this a magic hat or just my eyes?

Once there was a bat who flew out of a hat,
Then out of the hat leapt a ginger, fat cat!
The Cat and the Bat sat on the mat,
And then disappeared along with the hat!

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