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Glastonbury Festival Competition

We can now reveal the winner of Blue Peter's Glastonbury Festival Competition is Reenie with her amazing 'Peace through music' festival costume design.

We linked up with Reenie and Mwaksy at Glastonbury Festival, and we agree it looks like the 'BEST WEEKEND EVER!!'

Check out Reenie's winner experience at Glastonbury Festival including the moment she got to see her costume in real life as it lead the Kidzfield parade, what an absolutely epic prize!

You can see the bunting parade of all 30 runner-up designs in the Blue Peter studio on BBC iPlayer now.

Glastonbury Festival Competition winner's design and the top two runner up designs

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Well done to everyone who entered the competition, the standard was extremely high and we really appreciate the hard work and effort you put into every design.

The top 30 designs will receive the Orange Blue Peter competition badge ๐Ÿงก

If you've been inspired by this competition, have a go at our Ultimate Glastonbury Festival quiz and find out your Glastonbury Festival personality now.

Blue Peter's Awesome Orbit Competition

Back in October last year, we launched our Awesome Orbit Competition with astronaut Tim Peak. We asked you to design an emblem showing how you think satellites could be used in the future.

We are over the moon to announce that the winner of Blue Peter's Awesome Orbit Competition is Bethany with her amazing 'Earth Sitter' design ๐Ÿ›ฐ๏ธ 

Bethany's winning design will be engraved onto an ACTUAL satellite and launched, via an ACTUAL rocket, into ACTUAL space!!

Bethany will also take a trip in a driverless car powered by a satellite, she will see behind the scenes at satellite testing facilities AND get the chance to control a Mars Rover here on Planet Earth.

โœจ Congratulation to everyone who entered, you had so many wonderful ideas! From satellites that clean up the ocean to satellites that fight fires, your designs were so colourful, clever and creative, you deserve a big pat on the back - well done! โœจ

Bethany's amazing space message

Take a look at Bethany's out of this world congratulation message from ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer, who has sent her an Orange competition winner badge FROM SPACE!

Mattias tells us about his mission as well as showing off his own Mission Patch design, which is called 'Cosmic Kiss'.

Check out Bethany's entry and our top two runner-ups

Did you know that the top 30 entries will be engraved onto the satellite which will be sent up into space and will orbit the Earth 15 times a day? How cool is that!? Even cooler... this will be the first-ever launch of a satellite here in the UK, so the top 30 entries are becoming part of history.

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Our Planet Now

Blue Peter's Our Planet Now competition gave you the amazing opportunity to write an outstanding piece of writing to captivate the imagination of people all over the globe and protect our planet now. Watch as our competition winner Delphine gets stuck in with the creative process, and saw her poem animated by Aardman Studios, adding sound effects and performing the final lines herself. With front row seats Richie and Delphine watch as her amazing film is shown to world leaders at COP26. What an amazing achievement!

Blue Peter's Gaming Competition

Check out what happened when Naomi's winning design was brought to life by a top-notch gaming studio AND see the moment she met online superstar, Ethan Gamer!

Supercar of the Future

Take a look at what happened when Alex's design won him an exclusive tour around the McLaren Technology Centre AND a race around in a supercar WITH THE STIG... How cool is that?

Take a look at the top 30 competition entries:
They are all amazing!

Past Blue Peter competitions:

Check out this clip from our Enigma competition, when three lucky winners got an exclusive look inside GCHQ headquarters, took part in a puzzle-solving adventure in London and earned their very own Orange Blue Peter badge.

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