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How do I join the Blue Peter Fan Club?

To join fan club, you need a BBC Account. Click here to register and grab a grown up to help you. You'll need their permission  to sign up. Once you've done that, you can log in!

Once you are logged in, all you need to do to join the Fan Club is to say hello in the comments at the bottom of this page.

For more info on the Blue Peter Fan Club and Live Chats, take a look at our Fan Club guide.

Coming up on Blue Peter

We take the time to remember all the awesome things Radzi has done on Blue Peter.

So tune in to celebrate the 37th Blue Peter Presenter Radzi Chinyanganya!

For a fond look back at all of Radzi's best bit's check this clip out!

Fan of the Month

Congratulations to BlueVioletMiniBaker! Over the past few years, BlueVioletMiniBaker has consistently been one of the most involved members on the BP Fan Club. They were the very first Fan of the Month! They're now the first person to be Fan of the Month twice! Nice work BlueVioletMiniBaker, you deserve it!

Click here to see our FOTM Hall of Fame, with all our past winners.

Stay tuned to find out who FOTM is for May 2019!!!

Introducing (Drumroll)… TOPICS!

Each week we will introduce five hot topics to discuss on Fan Club. These topics will be related to subjects surrounding the show and what’s coming up in future episodes!

This week, let’s talk about:

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