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Put on your goggles and your long white coat because this week we are joined by amazing scientists Maddie and Greg who will be performing a brilliant science experiment LIVE in the studio! 🧪

Also get ready for a magnificent performance from the cast of the new musical The Price of Egypt, direct from London's West End 🎭🎵

The BP presenters try their hand at frisbee golf...yes, that really is playing golf with a frisbee!? And Mwaka and Richie have a special message for you about a very exciting challenge they are about to undertake!

If you're loving The Euros as much as we are, don't forget to check out our new Ultimate Euro's quiz, and find out how you can get hold of a brand new Sport Badge!

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Each week Henry will introduce five hot topics to discuss on Fan Club. These topics will be subjects we know you love and care about as well as what’s coming up in future episodes of Blue Peter!

This week let’s talk about…

Fan of the Month

MidnightCloudyButterfly AKA Evie has never missed an episode of Blue Peter since 2019!! That’s a lot of Blue Peter 💙 and she is the proud owner of SEVEN badges.

MidnightCloudyButterfly is a BP superfan and loved on the BPFC for providing her own welcome packs to new members and being a brilliant friend. She’s even designed her own Fan of the Month badge, now that is dedication to the cause!

FOTM is decided by the Blue Peter team. We look at all Blue Peter fans who send us brilliant letters, pictures and ideas as well as members of the Blue Peter Fan club who get involved in all activities, like quizzes, send-ins and voting. We also look for members who have gone above and beyond being kind and friendly to other members and asking great questions during Fan Club Live.

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