PAW-some sporty pooches!

This bulldog is snow-laughing matter

Introducing Lyle, the snowboarding bulldog!

Already crowned 'World's Fastest Skateboarding dog', Lyle has now turned his paws to snowboarding and displays incredible skills on the ski slopes.

That's some BARKING-mad skillz!

There shall be no dribbing on the basketball court for this little one.

Percy the Chihuahua loves the spot-light, here he is showing off his super impressive ball-balancing skills ahead of an NBA play-off match.

Doggy Paddle

It's all going very swimmingly for these water-loving doggies in China... Not only do they get access to fun swimming toys, some of the pools are also equipped with swimming coaches for dogs!

He's a Liverpool fan, FUR real!

Football teams have 11 players on the pitch during the match, but it is often said that the support and motivation from the fans is like having a 12th player.

Here's one fan certainly dressed to impress!

Downward Facing Dog (a real yoga pose, honest)

Enough of that ruff and tumble for now, it's time for some relaxing Doga! (dog + yoga...get it?!)

Dog owners help their pets achieve 'inner peace' by practicing yoga poses, stretching their hind legs as soothing music plays.

Talk about pampered pooches!

Don't forget your hel-MUTT!

Move over Super Bowl, it's time for the Puppy Bowl!

The annual Puppy Bowl takes place in Colorado, USA and is a fantastic way of finding new homes for adorable puppies.

Drop and give me 20!

Check out the look of concentration on Scooby's face here, as he shows off his skills to the baseball crowd in Arizona, USA.

Okay, so his human is pretty cool too, but I guarantee you, it's Scooby who will steal the limelight... he's just too cute not to!

Surf's PUP dude!

WOW! A dog, surfing, dressed as a shark, competing in the Annual Surf City Dog competition in California. 

Ride that wave, surf-dog, ride that wave!

Which is your favourite sporty dog?

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