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Ninja39's ear bud painting is of a gecko they saw in France!

MonkeyH's art sandwich looks genuinely quite tasty!

Luc's robot costume is straight from the future, nice one!

Jamie's forest art is of an owl, made on their trip to Loch Ness!

Grace went on holiday to Italy and painted this wonderful mountain range!

Georgia made a fantastic picture using only the letter G, awesome!

Allegra made this wonderful ladybird using felt and other bits of material, amazing job!

Owl10's blooming water flowers look like they worked perfectly!

Finlay's picture of Ralph the cat is purrfect!

Iona's pirate ship is ready to sail the seven seas!

Osian made this aweomse pop-art piece for their name!

Catrin was inspired by their teacher to make this underwater scene, incredible stuff!

Elsie made a cute critter called Betty using a pair of socks, fantastic!

Emily used quilling to create this amazing flower pattern!

Eryk's rainforest scene has some brilliant detailing!

FluffyPuppyCorn made this after being inspired watching Art Ninja, amazing!

Gingy's painting of an orca is incredible! Nice one!

Joe's bottle monster is seriously cool!

Ahoy me hearties! Livia made a moon catcher and a pirate island!

Scooby's bottle monster looks fearsome! Good work!

Amber made this mega stone Art Ninja on a beach in Cornwall with her sister, daddy and uncle! NINJA SKILLS!

Amelie's pyramids are definitely one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

This is Arthur's night-time wood featuring a fox, squirrel, and an owl. Check out the depth in this scene!

Lola sent in this wonderful 'Wizard of Oz' themed birthday cake!

Bridget sent in this sensational spring scene. Ninja skills!

William made his own spectacular suitcase, nice one!

Freya drew this detailed picture of her sister's eye!

Juno used colourful bands to create this amazing picture of a cat!

Liberty drew this great picture of her pet dog, Pixie!

This is Merrin's CBeebies-inspired picture of a car!

Check out this amazing green lizard made by Poppy! It looks so life-like!

Eleanor made this Picasso-inspired face using all the colours of the rainbow!

Jack's Tiffany style butterfly is made of tin foil, string, glue and permanent marker. Ninja Skills!

A collage full of flowers! Fantastic work, Keira!

Louise sent in this super sunset over a sandy beach. Great work!

Ava's A-mazing 'A' art!

Victoria felt inspired by Art Ninja's robot pointillism painting so created her own amazing sunflower!

Arthur's monkey model even comes with a banana!

This is Olive's awesome owl model, nice details!

This is Harry's colourful canvas, inspired by the artist Sonia Delaunay. Amazing!

Here's Beth's 'Book in a Box' project using Art Ninja's name sculpture idea. Nice one!

Timley has made this chicken after watching the show, awesome!

Neri is really proud of this collage made out of magazines, and so you should be! It's ace!

This is a robot made by Abbie, Connie and Caleb. They've named him CCA!

Lara made this lizard from recycled plastic bottles and lids, and filled with tissue paper. Ninja skills!

A roar-some collage sent in by Leo.

This is a yin and yang of winter and summer. On the left are silhouettes of trees and a night sky. On the right is the silhouette of sand dunes and a sunset with a reflection on the waves. Sensational art!

Wow! Look at this amazing Eagle drawn with pastels sent in by Poppy.

A beautiful collage sent in my Lola! Great work!

Solly's ghoulishly great ghost made out of a bottle! Ninja skills!

Olive's marvellous 'M' masterpiece.

Ben made this celebratory lantern for Chinese New Year!

Ethan's version of Art Ninja's interlocking ghost art. Spookily goooooooood!

An amazing recreation of the Grand Master's self blooming flowers. DonutDoggyPrincess's top tip is not to fold or crease the paper too much as they won't open!

Tiger53 made this sensational hat! And his mum made the T-shirt!

Thomas drew this sand-tastic desert island!

Lola created this inspirational painting to hang on her bedroom wall.

Juno tried out the 'initial' artwork with a space theme. Ninja skills!

Gregor loves going to the beach so he imagined himself standing on a plank and looking at the summer sky. Great painting!

Art Ninja has inspired Chloe to get into art. You are an Art Ninja in the making!

Demi watched the show and made this brilliant pop art room sign. Well done!

Poppyminipopcorn went for a New Year's Day dip in the sea! Brrr! She's doodled sharks and penguins to keep her company! Great stuff!

Check out William's giraffe head shield! Those are some ninja skills!

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