Amazing moments when friendship just clicks

1. There are made-up words which only you guys understand

Because sometimes normal language just doesn’t cover it.

2. You both get the giggles and you just can’t stop

Nobody else has a sense of humour like yours.

3. They get when you’re having a bad day

They don’t expect you to be super-fun all the time – and they’re always there to listen when you’re feeling down.

4. You get each other really bizarre birthday presents

It may seem weird to everyone else, but that home-made green knitted tortoise wearing a woolly crown is exactly what you wanted.

5. They know all about that really cheesy band you’ve always loved

And the fact that you secretly dance around the living room listening to them – but they’ll never tell anyone.

6. You can chat for hours

And if someone asks you what you were talking about, you say ‘not much’.

7. You can just be yourself when you’re with them

And they will always like you just the way you are.

What do you think makes a good friendship?

What are those amazing moments which make you smile?

Let us know below!

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